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What's My Ring Size?


What is gold plating?


Gold plating is a process where a layer of gold is bonded onto a base metal.


What type of metal do you use?


We use stainless steel. It is one of the best materials because it is hypoallergenic and provides the most durability for longer-lasting gold plated jewelry.


Is gold plated real gold? 


Yes, it is real gold but a small amount of it is used to plate the stainless steel. This is really beneficial because you are able to have the beautiful look of gold at an affordable price! 

Can I wear my jewelry in the shower?


Absolutely! You can wear it in the shower, at the beach, the pool etc. 

Will my skin turn green? 


Nope! If you ever have that problem, please let us know immediately. We strive to provide the best quality jewelry. 

How long will my jewelry last? 


If taken care of, gold plated jewelry lasts about 1-2 years. Cleaning your jewelry regularly is important to prolong its life.

Sounds good. Time to buy!​   

Please feel free to email us at or DM us on Instagram at @clyneofthesouth if you have any questions! 

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